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Maybe if I stop changing my mind on what I want to be when I "grow up" I'll end up with a degree and a job! Right now, I'm about to start a new school... I have a wonderful son and awesome hubby. I am a flutist and bassoonist, music is my first love.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Being a mom hasn't changed me as much as I thought it might. I'm still the same person, I just hang out a lot with this really tiny person.

I've always been stubborn, almost to a fault. When I'm right, I'm right, and if you disagree, I will do everything in my power to convince you.

This may or may not be a good quality for a parent. I tend to judge other's parenting (who doesn't, be honest) even though I know I shouldn't. I tend to think other people have pediatritians that are morons. I think a lot of doctors are morons.

Mostly, I think it comes down to a dislike of the sheeplike nature of so many people. I mean, it is sad you can't just blindly follow a doctor and have the best care. Really sad. I spend my hours online researching anything and everything I can about babies. I want the best for my son, and I want to KNOW that his doctor and I are making the best decisions for him. I have the facts to back up my opinions. I question just about everything. In the end, I only have myself to blame, but at least I am taking responsibility in to my own hands.

/End Rant

Wow, I do tend to ramble on from one topic to another. No offense to the medical community, I know that there are varying optinions on many topics, and I respect different views. I just want to know all options, all sides, and make my own decision. I know I don't have a medical license, but I just want to be able to have a two-sided conversation with a doctor. I want to be educated.

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