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Maybe if I stop changing my mind on what I want to be when I "grow up" I'll end up with a degree and a job! Right now, I'm about to start a new school... I have a wonderful son and awesome hubby. I am a flutist and bassoonist, music is my first love.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Humor Me For A Moment...

I somehow got this picture in my head while thinking about diapers...

If you think you want to diaper your child with disposable diapers, please consider the following:

1. Withdrawl $2,000 from your bank account. If you don't have this much, please get a cash advance on your credit card, or take it out of your 401k. It is preferable you take the money in $1 bills.

2. Spread the $1 bills on your floor so that they don't overlap.

3. Pee and poo all over them.

4. Pick them up and put them in your trash can.

5. Wait until trash day.

6. Take them to the curb and kiss $2,000 goodbye.

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