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Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Link a Day: Letting Baby "Cry-It-Out" Yes, No!

Ask Dr. Sears
"...not listening and responding sensitively to baby's cries is a lose-lose situation: Baby loses trust in caregivers and caregivers lose trust in their own sensitivity."
As a mother, I know that every time my newborn cried I got a huge knot in my stomach. Sometimes, I even felt nauseous. How any mother can ignore these feelings is beyond me.

I see a lot of people in our society who are convinced that babies are manipulative from birth and that you can only do harm by soothing their whines and cries. It is so engraved in our culture to resist the natural nurturing instinct that we need to care for our babies.

Every time I see a baby in public I secretly pray that it doesn't cry so I don't have the chance to witness the mother ignoring it.

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