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Monday, August 22, 2011

A Link a Day: Pitocin Side Effects

Pitocin Side Effects 
"Neonatal seizures and permanent CNS or brain damage has been reported."
 Like all drugs, there are risks as well as benefits. Now, I admit I did point out the most disturbing side effect in the list. My point is that no drug taken during labor (or ever, really) should be taken LIGHTLY. I declined pitocin both before and after the birth of my child. I must add that I was educated on natural birth and knew that it was most certainly not necessary in my case. There are times when pitocin is warranted, but don't believe that there are no risks to using it, even if you are told otherwise.

Pitocin can lead to what has been coined the "cascade in intervention." It causes more intense contractions that the uterus normally experiences, more intense than the baby normally experiences. This can cause fetal distress and lead to an emergency c-section.

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