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Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Link a Day: Breastfeeding in Emergencies

"Consider informal human milk donation in a situation where the infant is not with the
mother or she is not lactating, and the person responsible for the baby prefers feeding donor breast milk, and understands the risks and benefits of feeding unpasteurized breastmilk from a healthy donor. 
"Consider the use of pasteurized donor human milk when refrigeration, transportation, safe water, and basic infrastructure are in place, if an infant’s mother is not available due to separation or death, or as supplement when a mother’s milk supply is inadequate. 
"Control the distribution of purchased infant formula so that it is offered only to those
infants who do not have access to human milk. "
All these points are awesome. This document is intended for all local, state, and federal emergency policy.

There is much more good information in the statement, including offering information on relactation, and providing lactation professionals to breastfeeding women.

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