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Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Link a Day: Screening to Reduce Preterm Births

Study urges screening for condition that leads to preterm births
"Compared with a placebo, daily use of Prochieve by women with short cervixes reduced births before 28 weeks - when death and disability are most likely - by half."
 In an age where more are more women are growing suspicious of interventions during pregnancy, this may not be a bad idea. This study shows a benefit for women whose cervix prematurely shortens, or "ripens" between 19 and 24 weeks of pregnancy. The results not only reduced preterm birth before 28 weeks, but there were also fewer preterm births at any gestational age.

No side effects or risks are noted in the article, but as a mother of a preemie, it is very intriguing. 

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